Kuya Daniel

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.

As a sign of respect, Filipinos call their big brothers as “Kuya”.

When parents are not around, for example, because of work, a Kuya‘s duties and responsibilities include protecting and guiding his siblings.

“Doing good will not reap evil,” according to Kuya Daniel Razon, a lesson he learned from Bro. Eli.” http://www.danielrazon.com/news080625.aspx

My Kuya in faith grew up to be a very responsible big brother in the Members, Church of God International, MCGI. He is none other than Kuya Daniel Razon.

I wouldn’t know how he spent his childhood, but knowing that he was brought up under the guidance of his uncle, Bro. Eli, I won’t even be surprised that he turned out to be a role model for those who look up to him, even outside the church.

Bro. Eli is MCGI’s Presiding Minister. He told the brethren that he can only recall that he punished Kuya Daniel once when he was still a child and it was also the last time.

Kuya Daniel also told us, the brethren, that the same punishment he got from Bro. Eli taught him a biblical lesson which still guides him up to now. And I believe in him, because of how he manages MCGI as the Vice-Presiding Minister. He is in his 40’s and is a respectable veteran broadcaster. He is also a photographer, a singer, a composer, an artist, an athlete, an educator, etc.

Once he places his hands on his heart, nothing hinders him to reach success!

I believe that every accomplishment of Kuya Daniel has a “divine touch”, because they turn out to be very successful. These things that he does have a purpose: to glorify and praise God by way of helping his fellow men. Thus, God never failed to guide and support him all the way.

I have never seen such a humble and a humane individual in that stature not only in the standards of men, but more importantly in the biblical sense. And I believe that what humbles him is his being one of the servants of a true and undefiled religion and his understanding and knowledge about the Living God.

He is one of those role models in our faith who does not procrastinate in good works, he learned to always move forward in doing good works having the right faith, hope, and charity, while the realization is there, while the time is now! One of his current campaign is the “Isang Araw Lang“.

Isang Araw Lang campaigns for change to happen and to inspire people to commit their talents, skills and resources even for just one day.

Persecutions and sufferings come to all brethren in the Church. And I know that next to Bro. Eli, Kuya Daniel shares the weight on his shoulders. Despite of this, the brethren in faith feel the love of God through them also. That’s why regardless of our situation and those things that we do not see, as a peculiar group of people, we remain grateful to the Almighty God.

Regardless of our lack of understanding of the whole truth behind God’s commandment, still, we faithfully trusted in it, that we will benefit from obeying it. – Bro. Eli

Kuya Daniel Razon is also Mr. Public Service… More of him click here.

Philippine television channel, UNTV, mounted the country’s biggest public service effort in line with the celebration of its fourth year in the mainstream, citing it served more than 4,000 people during the event.

Kuya Daniel Razon, one of the station’s main man, boomed the public service effort of the station will continue and he stressed on Sunday, July 13 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines that “doing good will not reap evil.” He hosts the station’s morning magazine program and public service show, Good Morning Kuyasource click here

Canada-based IPQube Channel airs Philippine UNTV channel’s programs, in hopes of reaching the more than 10 million Filipino overseas.  Among the top programs of UNTV picked for airing is the morning magazine and public service program of Daniel Razon, dubbed as the country’s Mr. Public Service.

Good Morning Kuya!, an early morning show hosted by Kuya Daniel Razon, is now airing over the digital telecast of a Canadian-based IPTV network, IPQUBE.

UNTV 37 recently signed a memorandum of agreement with IPQUBE to air GMK, together with other UNTV shows via the said digital channel.  source click here

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