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MCGI give thanks to God despite of Typhoon Ondoy 26 September 2009

Philippines – Due to the typhoon Ondoy, Ketsana, its international name, our area suffered brownout (blackout) for more than 24 hours beginning late in the afternoon yesterday. I heard from my neighbor that some people died due to electric shock. Very strong winds and continuous rainfall resulted to some areas near our place flooded up to waist and some were even deeper, but now have subsided.

I didn’t know how high the flood that hit other areas of Metro Manila, for example, Marikina in a YouTube video, until the electric brownout was finally over. Next time, I will buy a battery operated AM Radio. Other streets are still not passable. In Eastwood, the river rose up hitting the houses near the riverbanks and submerged some roads.

But that’s not just about it. There were more than 50 people died due to the flood brought about by the typhoon and left more than 40,000 families or more than 200,000 homeless while the number of casualties are still rising as of the latest news. The flood rising that high was very sudden, people where just waiting for the flood to subside. After some few hours, the flood rose fast that people needed to rush and to stay over their rooftops to escape from it.

This typhoon was expected to come, but some parts of Metro Manila didn’t expect that they will experience the same fate of those living in the typhoon plague regions in the Philippines these past years.

It was different today, rich and prominent people alike, were being shown in other television station with photos and voice as some went on top of their roofs and others asking for help just so their family can be saved  including their neighbors. People wanted to help, but their houses are too far to reach by foot nor rubber boats without electric trolling motor as the flood currents are very strong. 

Regretfully, some lives perished because of the floods brought about by the typhoon. Most of the victims are our poor Filipino countrymen.

Tilly Smith, an eleven-year-old schoolgirl was on holiday in Thailand with her family when the tsunami hit in December 2004. She recognized the signs of the receding sea and warned her parents of the impending tsunami, which led to hotel guests being rapidly cleared from the beach and saved the life of dozens of people. Tilly’s story highlights the critical importance of basic education in preventing the tragic impacts of natural disasters. – UNISDR

December 26, 2004, Tilly Smith was eleven years old when she, together with her family and over 100  lives, during her stay that day in a hotel in Thailand, fleed away far from the seashore. She saw some signs of a tsunami or tidal wave coming.

Tilly’s story highlights the critical importance of basic education in preventing the tragic impacts of natural disasters.

She was thankful to Andrew Kearney, her geography teacher, for the Tsunami lesson.

More than 200,000 people died in Asia that day from the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Truthcaster: When will the coming of Christ happen?

We toil for the material things, but in times like this, we are left looking on our things as the floods swallowed it. We regret the effort, money, time we spent on those things, and in a matter of hours, it’s all gone!  We were left staring, hoping, praying that the flood, the typhoon, or the tidal wave stop soon, for a better tomorrow.

Knowing of what is to come, though we do not know the magnitude of its destructive power, and experiencing such catastrophes, maybe, we are now aware of what we can do moving forward.

But have we contemplated and thought of “The Event” that will surely come in the future? This event won’t give us another chance once it started, especially when we are aware of this, but we ignored the warnings. What is it?

Matthew 24:39

and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

Education, raising awareness is very critical and urgent as the signs of Jesus Christ’s coming is very imminent. Where are we now? What are the signs that already passed? What are the signs that will still come? Are we waiting for the last sign?

For your spiritual and biblical concerns and questions, please do watch these videos from YouTube and Tangle.

Why does God allow natural disasters to happen? In tangel.com, there is a video clip that answers this question.

You ask and the Bible will answer, is the challenge of Bro. Eli Soriano to whosoever would ask him anything under the sun. Be it religious, health, politics and science, Bro. Eli answers anyone who would ask with the use of the Bible as the formidable basis to resolve doubts and questions in the minds of truth-seekers and even skeptics, in hopes of salvation of the souls.

For more video clips you may visit the following: http://www.theoldpath.tv http://www.truthcaster.com esoriano.wordpress.com

What’s happening inside the Members, Church of God International ADD Convention Center, Apalit Pampanga and in all other monitoring centers across the globe last 26 September 2009? 

…“I have already instructed Bro. Daniel to prepare food, bed sheets, and blankets for all of you,” says Bro. Eli to the thousands of members gathered at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit as he asks everyone to stay until conditions become suitable for travelling. “We have a transient home there. The roads are very dangerous now. Please don’t be hard-headed, brethren,” he adds. The crowds then respond with loud claps and hurrahs confirming their enthusiasm to stay.

It’s his [Bro. Eli] way of taking care of the brethren. It shows how he really loves and cares for us. He doesn’t want us to be in danger. I trust his instinct, our preacher is God-sent, sowhatever he says I will obey it,” says one of the members who stayed for the night.

Before he finishes delivering the biblical topic for the day, Bro. Eli instructs Church workers assigned in monitoring centers across the Luzon region to make sure that the brethren in their areas receive the same care as those in Apalit.

At about 11 p.m. the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) declared Metro Manila and other affected areas under State of Calamity. Meanwhile in the Convention Center, songs of praises filled the air as a choral group led the crowds in singing, stopping only every time they get an update of the extent of the damage the typhoon has brought…”  by Anne Gonzales Kaanib.net

The next 3-day International Thanksgiving of the Whole Congregation to the God of Israel (International Pasalamat ng Buong Kapatiran sa Dios ng Israel) for the third quarter will be held on 2-4 October 2009, God willing. MCGI will be offering sacrifices of thanksgiving to the Living God of Israel. For more information, please visit angdatingdaan.org.

Relief and Rehabilition Volunteers

Kamanggagawa Foundation in cooperation with

UNTV 37 your public service channel

Typhoon Ondoy Emergency Hotlines and Relief Operations

MCGI: Thankful Amidst Typhoon Ketsana; Bro. Eli Extends Help

Rain or Shine: To Him We Worship

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