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A more sustainable biblical positive and moral outlook

I am still waiting for In Repair to post my comments below.

Just look how the author’s opinion was influenced by what he read as sarcastic. In his blogBrian posted “12 Reasons Gays Shouldnt Be Allowed To Marry,” and said that these show the ignorance of the arguments against same-sex marriage. But the point is, making these arguments to be sarcastic is a source of ignorance already. One has to stitch statements to make it as such. Who among you, for instance, said:

“Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets, because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract”?

Even if there is no gay marriage, people does these things. Therefore, making these argument to influence people to favor gay marriage and legalize it a more stupid and ignoramous action. Why?

May I ask the author, ain’t there people who, even not into gay marriage, married their pets? Ain’t there people  having beastial relationship even if they are heterosexual? Ain’t there people who instead of giving inheritance to his relatives, he chose to give it to his pet? Instead of feeding the poor, he feeds his poor animal, bring it to parlor, and dress it with dolche and gavanna?

Of course someone who is in favor of what Brian said, “Just for the record… I support marriage equality for all,” will be attracted to this. For example: blarghonk12 encourages people to, “Stop worrying about a phrase from a book written so long ago. Make your next decision yourself.”

The term “worry-free” can draw so much attention, especially for the people who are in distress. Something that is a mambo jumbo to solve one’s problem. They want a snap of the finger solution to a problem that they don’t even recognise.

What is justice, by the way? Are these justice for your own being? Do you deserve these treatments as a human being and base on what standards? How about the standard of people who make decision influenced by human ideas, except of God’s words?

See what kind of character and personality these two portray? It is a selfish act to make oneself worry-free decisions and interject desires that affect other individuals negatively from the short, going to the long run.

What is your notion of Christianity, Homosexuality and Marriage, afterall?

Gay people per se are not bad.

Christianity has been tainted because of bad examples. When you say Christianity, don’t look at the Catholics; don’t look at the Mormons; don’t look at the 7th Day Adventist; don’t look at the Baptist; nor look at the Church of Christ of the Latter day Saints. Find a group that follows the commandments of God for Christians. Don’t look at the hypocrites. It is in the teaching that you will be able to distinguish who heralds himself or God. Who heralds his own human ideas, instead of what God really commands.

Look for a group that throws bread instead of rocks to their enemies. Find some group that doesn’t kill its enemies, but rather they provide food and water, even shelter. They visit the widows in their distress, gives shelter to them, even to the orphans. They don’t ask donations from none members, even tithes because tithes are for levitical priesthood not for Christians. Jesus Christ became the priest, therefore, tithes are not needed anymore. If anyone will debate on this, look how he will insist his own human ideas not biblical facts.

When we follow the Holy Bible, that makes our lives worry-free, because we have a helper, none other than Jesus Christ. The bible says that a man and a woman will become one. The man will leave his parents to go with his wife and the two flesh will be one. Don’t you have neighbors or relatives whom you can observe?  They have full of worries because at the age of 18, they are forced to live outside their home, and in some countries, still married couple lives under their parents house, and look what normally happens. Look at the polygamous, look at showbiz, look at politicians, look at religions who practices hypocrisy. Look at the old citizens who are in the home for the aged where either non-relatives or non-countrymen nurse them, where are their kids and relatives?

I won’t judge the author and blarghonk12, they know nothing about the Holy Bible. They might have not learned that the God of the Holy Bible cannot lie. And this God who cannot lie has a promise. Brian and blarghonk12‘s thinking and knowledge were accumulated because of the thinking and human ideas of people who live before them and people who are even younger than them that have influence to them emotionally, physically, socially, etc.

Worry-free life is a life that is in Christ. And Christians worry too because they do not live among themselves, they need to feed starving people outside the Church of God, especially those inside. They need to feed those who want them dead. They need to teach the teachings of Jesus Christ that comes from the Father. Thirst is among the worry of men, it needs to be quenched, the thirst for truth, needs to be quenched by those who learned of the truth, of the Biblical truth.

God said to the Christian, feed the poor; He said to the Christian who was a sinner before not to sin anymore upon after learning the truth that is in the Gospel of Christ. I’ll leave you something to ponder about, and learn about a more sustainable biblical positive and moral outlook in life .

youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqkuNRO4Bt4

The rest of the youtube videos are here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=827CD39C31027884

I am nothing.

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