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the first free mass indoctrination this 2009 offered in thanksgiving by MCGI to the God of Israel

I never heard anyone described the name of President-elect Barack Obama in a biblical sense. He is none other than the most sensible preacher in the world, Brother Eliseo F. Soriano, also known as Brother Eli, who wrote about this in his website: www.esoriano.wordpress.com, entitled, The Story Behind “Barack.”

“…As I have said earlier, Barack is not a funny name. It is a serious name. I’m sorry for that person who said that Barack is funny, that the name of Barack Obama is a funny name. What she or he meant is not the name Obama but Barack. Barak in the Bible is a serious man, a great fighter for the cause of justice in Israel. Let us read in Hebrews 11:32-34 (Revised Standard Version) -…”

“…If you notice the verses, the Apostle Paul said that he has no more time and space for lengthy discussions. But he can’t help mentioning the name of Barak. Who is this Barak whom he mentioned in line with Samson and the others of the great men of the Old Testament? In Chapter 4 of the Book of Judges, we will learn that Barak is a captain in Israel who helped a great woman to judge Israel when there were no more men to do the job….”

“…Barak is a man of humility. He did not in any manner grab the honor of being the judge to the people of Israel. Barak is a man of honor, a man of dignity. I do not know the Democrat Presidential candidate of the U.S.A. He’s very popular. In fact, I was convinced by the speech, not of Barak, but by his wife. I was convinced by the speech of the former President Clinton, not by Barak. Only the Americans know Barak. But whoever Barak maybe, I would say that the name Barak is not a funny name. It’s a serious name and maybe, to those Americans saying that the name Barak is funny, a little review of the scriptures will reveal to them and tell them that the name Barak is not a funny name. I hope I have shared a little knowledge with this article….”

While the world is busy today from the pre-inauguration of Obama’s Presidency, the Members, Church of God International (MCGI) major coordinating centers all around the world are busy preparing for the most important activity today and the coming two weeks ahead, biblical speaking: the First Free “Mass Indoctrination” for this year, 2009.

Among the coordinating centers of MCGI in the Philippines, the Shaw Boulevard Locale in Mandaluyong, has  started  at around 7 p.m. onwards, Philippine time. Its Locale Choirs offered special praise songs to God while waiting for the rest of the visitors to arrive.

Shaw Boulevard Locale Mothers' Choir offered special praise songs to the God of Israel while waiting for other visitor

Above, The Shaw Boulevard Locale Mothers' Choir; and below, The Shaw Boulevard Locale Choir offered special praise songs to the God of Israel while waiting for the visitors to arrive.


The attendees watched Brother Eli Soriano as he reads to them the teachings of Jesus Christ. He said that the teacher is not him, but rather, it is Jesus Christ who has been commanded by his Father, the Almighty God.

This Indoctrination is composed of a series of doctrines of Jesus Christ being presented by Bro Eli, while the last topic to be discussed is about Baptism. All of the topics are a prerequisite before any interested individuals can undergo baptism, and join the  Members, Church of God International.

Every coordinating centers involved in the said activities will be following the same line up of programme which can be found at Kaanib.net.

“…The recent string of events in the religious sphere was used as examples by Bro. Eli for his discussion during the first day’s
lesson about the Teacher. He exposed how new religious movements and preachers who professed to be God-sent-Christ in the flesh are distorting God’s word in the Bible. These were the likes of Puerto Rican-born Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda of Growing in Grace Church and Apollo Quibuloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church in the Philippines.

Against these false Christs in our midst, Bro. Eli revealed that
in the Bible there is only one Teacher, the rightful and lawful
one that people should listen to and believe. He is Jesus Christ….”

Brother Eli will discuss about the topic, “Prayers,” tomorrow, which is a part of more than 17 lessons  to be discussed in the following days to come, God willing.

If you are interested to know the Truth, that is, in Jesus Christ, please don’t hesitate to attend and we will schedule you to catch up to other topics that you already missed.

Admission is free. Free dinner will be served. You can request for a free bible and we will do our best to give you one.

Time and Place   

Still Ongoing – started 19 January 2009, 


7:00pm – 10:00pm


Ang Dating Daan coordinating centers

Let us help you to find our locales nearest you, please dial these numbers:




Or you can choose to email for enquiries:




Brother Eli in YouTube inviting you to attend:


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    I enjoin you to attend our prayer meetings and see for yourself how wonderful it is to know the Truth.

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