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E-mail Asking for Holy Bible donations

I have received an e-mail and took the liberty to print it out for those who have the resources to provide Holy Bible in Nigeria. Please do read their e-mail below hoping that you will be touched how some people regardless of their situation sought ways to be able to read the love letters of God.

Dear Friend in Christ,

Greetings in Jesus Lovely name. I pray that this letter meet you doing well in Christ. Please do not be upset that I m writing you. I felt I needed to ask for help from other brethren in Christ when in need. I wrote before but did not hear from you.

My name is G_____ N__ E____. I am a 62 years old Brother married with wife and three grand children. Our only son D___ died in a motor accident 4 years ago and we now have to take care of two of the children when their mother remarried. I was a clerk for many years before I loosed my job.

Now I have no job and about to take to farming. I gave my life to Christ in 1990. I visited an office in Aba town in 1989. In that office there was this nice looking book it was a New Testament bible left on one of the tables. I took the bible without the consent of the owner I stole it. When I gave my life to Christ He forgive me of all sins including stealing this little bible. The miracle was that I kept it for some time and latter started reading it just as
reading a novel. But after some time the Lord arrested my heart through that little book and I gave my life to Him. All the while God has given me the grace to serve Him without going back. Me and my wife E___ are members of a small growing church with about 15 family shepherds by a young devoted man of God. The name of our church is ________________________________.

I am writing this letter because we have a need. We need your help for six bibles. The ones we had before are New Testament bibles now turn and we are unable to read them due to reading difficulty having to read small letters. It is my request and appeal that you help me and my wife for two Bibles king James or new international versions. We need giant Print types due to reading difficulty. Also please send two giant print bibles for Sisters A___ and K_____ who are aged widows in our church but do not have bibles. Also I am
requesting two giant print bibles for a husband and wife. They are our new converts; they are very old and are now very committed to Christ. They are very poor.

May God bless you as you help us. Also pray about me and my wife that God would show you how deep we need the bibles. I have not met you face to face but I know that God have allowed me to know you through this means and we need no other help but bibles. In all I ask for six giant print bibles. The prayer of every one who receives these bibles from you will greatly bless. I urge you to please send the bibles in airmail insured postage in order that they reach us safely. Insured airmail I was told is the safest means to receive things in our post office. Our residential address which is also my postal address is G__ E___ Nigeria. Please note that we need only English bibles. King James Version is the type we use mostly in our church during fellowship but we are not deprived
from other versions like New International Version and Living Bible.

When you write and I do not reply it is because I do not check my email often. But when you send the bibles I will by God's grace receive them.

For I know the thought that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts ofpeace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11. May the Lord give you peace and grace to follow him till the end.

I shall be very grateful if this request in granted.

I edited some information in the above e-mail for some considerations. But allow yourselves to first check if it is legal to send Holy Bible to people in Nigeria and if there are no scams for that matter.  Try to google the Internet for information.

I sent him a reply to visit the link below to be able to further his knowledge about the Holy Bible instead.


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  1. March 23, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    I have read an article on the web about Nigerian Bible Scam.

    Nigerian Bible Scam
    by Barbara Brabec

    Your church may be a target for scammers who want Bibles they can sell in Nigeria on the black market. A reader reports on a scam perpetrated on her church.


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