Soon in talk shoe: Ask Bro Eli, the bible shall answer


Currently, the “Interactive Podcast” of Brother Eli Soriano on is accessible to all and you can finally have the chance to experience listening, chatting, and talking to Brother Eli… LIVE!!! in connection to your spiritual concerns and questions. We hope that you’ll share this moment with your friends and love ones and witness a pod-show of the rising preacher of our time. For more information please visit or visit directly to

The first podcast started last 08October 9am Philippine time while 07October 9m New York US time.

There are downloadable recorded copy of the podcasts and access for those who missed them!

Galatians 6:6Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things. 

  1. Rhina
    October 19, 2007 at 10:55 am

    As GOD has willed, HIS Messenger Bro Eli whom HE gifted to understand the BIBLE and the TRUTH, is moving heaven and earth to fulfill a duty to preach the true gospel of GOD, to contradict and defeat the satan-inspired perverted teachings of the anti-Christ, masquerading as men of GOD for their personal gains. We pray that thru this medium, more people who had been misled or denied the TRUTH because of poverty, ignorance or other human excuses, may be able to come back to GOD’s ways. As foretold in the past, knowledge will increase in the ‘end times’, with people running to and fro. We are honored and proud and happy that Bro Eli, Bro Daniel, and the members of the CHURCH OF GOD International are being used by the ALMIGHTY as instruments to spread the PEACE and the TRUTH from GOD. We hope that the continuing persecutions and attempts of the false church leaders to silence Bro Eli will not stop our many ‘lost’ brethrens’ from learning the gospel of CHRIST and GOD THE FATHER while there is still time. GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD ALMIGHTY.

  2. francis jay
    June 17, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Question:What does the writer of the “revelations” mean by the “four corners” of the earth (where four angels are supposedly holding back the wind etc.)? Could it be that this certain john of patmos still ignorantly believed that the earth is SQUARE,hence it has four corners? How can a circular earth have “corners”? Mr. Soriano, if this john was inspired by god to write this revelations,then he shouldn’t have made a mistake about the shape of the earth,yes? And this last chapter of the bible was written during the first century A.D.! Just like the Mesopotamians, the Israelites living shortly after the time of Jesus still believed that the earth is square or rectangular,with a dome “firmament”. They also believed that the outer space as we know it today is an OCEAN (called as “ocean above” in genesis)where the rains come from when god “opens” a window. Ridiculous, but this is the foundation of the christian belief! We can’t really blame the writers because in the absence of science,superstition rules human belief. However, as intelligent human beings living today,we owe it to ourselves to correct these ancient mistakes lest our children be misled as we were. The only way to correct these ancient mistakes is to make christians aware that they have been misled and deceived by the bible for centuries!

  3. June 21, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Francis Jay, can I clarify something from you? Who do you think commanded John of Patmos to write the book of Revelation/Apocalypse?

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