Hypocrites everywhere?

How come bloggers would use a comment facility of wordpress, but then again, they take it personally when someone posts a comment that is honest and straightforward.  Is it because it has offended them personally or did they take offense on the scriptures mentioned?

If these people took offense, it’s their problem.  And if I really have been offensive without proper, logical and biblical way of reasoning, I want them to prove it based on biblical passages.  If they can prove it, I will say,  “am sorry.”

I hope that these little posts of mine have been an eye-opener to those that have been blinded by their own unbiblical ideology.  And at the end of the day, I remain, an unworthy servant. 

Hypocrisy is applying holiness in form, but denying it in heart. This is holiness in illusion; and definitely is a sin. — EFS

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