Abrupt Change?

Joshua, you said: “Otherwise to say that the Gays/homosexuals cannot be changed will doubt the regenerative power of the Spirit because scripture tells us that in Christ we are a new creation.”

I beg to disagree to this kind of generalization or way of thinking. Again, Joshua is using the power of persuasion by appealing to the emotions of the readers without regard to the truth that the Bible imparts about a homosexual Christian. Sometimes, by merely appealing to the emotional sense is powerful enough to make the listener believe with a little fact combined with deception.

I understand that homosexuals, having the desire or longing for another same sex, that is, “Eros” kind of love, cannot be changed because it is a curse to the flesh of a man or a woman by Satan. But it doesn’t necessarily follows that we cannot be perfected if this is not taken away or changed by God. The law of faith is written in our hearts that tells us to avoid the lust of the flesh. Is it not that by accepting the fact that there is really emptiness in us that needs to be filled by something or someone, urges us to be curious of what it is or who it is? Thus, when we don’t have the proper understanding of the Way of God, we tend to think differently. We tend to create an illusion or idea that there is another person, something, or someone out there that can fill the space in us. But at the end this idea leads us more hurting and suffering.

Job was called a perfect man, because he obeys the will of God.

We must always remember that there are things or events that need to or must take place before another one begins or follows. To make it short, there is really a plan for all the Christians, moving forward, that includes homosexual Christians. In this life, we all have our own things to bear or cross to carry up to the coming of Christ. This same way to perfection, as seen in the eyes of those who has no biblical knowledge as a burden, is the same yoke Jesus Christ carries, as our helper.

How can you say that God will immediately take a way the desire that sometimes try to deceive us? When in fact this desire, when we conquer it will instead lead us to inheriting the Kingdom of God! If He will take away homosexuality in a snap of a finger, what becomes then of His plan of salvation? The flesh carries the urge to sin therefore it is really important that our corruptible body becomes incorruptible. But the phasing of this changes cannot be rushed John 10, unless the Great tribulation starts.

We, homosexual Christians, learned that the flesh cannot worship God. But the prophecy is now realized, we are now worshipping God in the Spirit. Our spirit is guided by the Spirit of God through the Word of God, thus, we are able to present our spirit body as a perfect offering because it is the spirit is the one that is willing to follow the law of faith. Since we are practicing our spirit, not the Eros kind of love but rather the “Agape” kind of love, it becomes fruitful, Galatians 5:22-23. And when the Spirit becomes fruitful, it conquers the flesh until the coming of Jesus Christ.

The flesh is now being conquered by the spirit because the spirit as it becomes fruitful, is able to project it to the flesh. Therefore, the spirit leads the flesh and conquers it!

Thus, the spirit in us is able to present our flesh to God as we worship Him in the spirit because God is a spirit. How can the flesh be offered to God?

Though we are also effeminate within the body of a man, we know that we can’t abuse it by following it’s lust but rather the body should follow the spirit’s willingness to follow the law of faith.

And we cannot deny that we are homosexuals because we are still fighting the lust of the flesh day by day towards the same gender. But we are fortunate enough to understand and to carry the faith and belief that in the Church of God, we are able to accept the truth of our being. A little more time, soon, this body where the “Eros” flourishes will be overcome by “Agape“ and will soon be changed to an incorruptible body, where gender shall never be the issue. I am sorry for those who can’t understand my point for it is never intended for the stubborn heart but for the willing to learn.

I will stand corrected if you can prove it otherwise biblical speaking.

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